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The perfect antidote to winter, our candles infuse the room delicately with a breath of the woods, and of outdoor adventures. Choose from 3 signature scents blended from essential oils and non toxic perfumes in a base of Soy Coconut wax. Complete with a dustcover and cotton drawstring bag.

Once the candle is finished you’re left with a one of a kind ceramic vessel, the perfect size for a glass of wine or a hot toddy, who’s ready to Hygge?

BRACKEN (Bone White) : In collaboration with Heart & Arrow Handcrafted : A Woodsy scent with a touch of sweet tobacco inspired by our fern wood.

CLOVE & ORANGE (Raven) : In collaboration with Clove & Creek : A warm and spicy blend with citrusy notes- the perfect scent to ease you into the holiday spirit.

PINE CEDAR-WOOD (Hemlock) : In collaboration with Clove & Creek : Aromatic and bold, the forest is summoned into being.

  • Vegan Soy Coconut wax candle

  • Hand Poured in Upstate N.Y.

  • 8oz

  • Wheel Thrown ceramic vessel

  • 100% cotton drawstring bag

Please note, as with any handmade item subtle variants in color, shape and size will occur and should be embraced.

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